Tackling hidden issues for older workers delivers wide-ranging returns

Intergenerational mentoring benefits both older and younger colleagues, as well as their employers.Marcin Balcerzak/from www.shutterstock.comThe latest ABS labour force statistics show a steady trend developing. Both the unemployment rate at 6.1...

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Turf wars loom over new competition policy body

The government has agreed to a push from Professor Ian Harper for a new competition policy body. AAP/Lukas CochThe Federal Government has agreed to the Harper Review’s recommendation to establish a new competition body in charge of policy ...

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We've already had consultation on the effects test: more is just a political smoke screen

Is further consultation on section 46 really likely to reveal something the already extensive input has not? AAP/Lukas CochBig business continues to hold the government to ransom over the Harper review’s proposed reform of the misuse of m...

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Cheaper books are on the way, but IP policy still favours big business

It's never made sense that Australians pay more for books that those in the US.Image sourced from Shutterstock.comCheaper content, but not just yet. That’s the message in the federal government’s response to the parallel import recom...

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