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The Types and Choices of Office Storage for Your Office Space

Effective office storage is a cornerstone of productivity and organisation in any workplace. Well-planned storage solutions not only keep your office space clutter-free but also make it easier to access essential documents and supplies. From filing cabinets to shelving units, there are various types of office storage to choose from. This article explores the different options available and helps you make informed choices to maximise your office space's functionality.

Filing Cabinets

Filing cabinets are classic and versatile pieces of office storage. They come in various sizes and styles, including lateral, vertical, and mobile designs. These cabinets are ideal for organising and securely storing important documents, folders, and files. Lateral cabinets are excellent for accommodating large volumes of paperwork, while mobile cabinets provide flexibility, allowing you to move them around the office as needed. When selecting filing cabinets, consider their locking mechanisms, durability, and ease of access to your files.

Shelving Units

Shelving units come in a range of styles, including open shelves and closed cabinets. Open shelving is great for creating a visually open and accessible storage space, perfect for displaying books, office supplies, and decorative items. When considering to buy office cabinets, closed cabinets provide concealed storage, keeping items out of sight for a cleaner and more streamlined appearance. Choose shelving units that match your office's décor and provide sufficient space for your storage needs.


Bookshelves are a particular type of shelving designed primarily for storing books. However, they can also be used to display decorative items, binders, and other office supplies. Bookshelves come in various sizes, so consider the available space in your office when selecting one. You can opt for tall, freestanding bookshelves or smaller wall-mounted versions to maximise vertical space.

Cupboards and Credenzas

Cupboards and credenzas are multi-purpose storage units that combine open shelving with enclosed cabinets. They are excellent for storing a variety of items, from office equipment and supplies to personal belongings. Credenzas often serve as stylish and functional pieces of office furniture, offering both storage and a platform for decorative items or a printer.

File Carts

File carts, also known as rolling file cabinets or trolleys, are highly portable storage options. They typically have wheels for easy mobility and can be a practical choice for moving files or supplies between workstations or meeting areas. They come in a variety of sizes, and some include locking mechanisms for added security.

Office Drawers

Office drawers, often found in desk pedestals, are an essential component of personal office space. They allow employees to store stationery, personal items, and work-related materials within arm's reach. It's crucial to select a desk with adequate drawer space, especially for employees who require frequent access to various tools and documents.

Wall-Mounted Storage

Wall-mounted storage is an efficient way to maximise vertical space. This type of storage includes wall-mounted shelves, cabinets, and pegboards. Wall-mounted storage is particularly useful in smaller offices or where floor space is limited. It can be customised to accommodate specific items, such as office supplies, files, or even a whiteboard for jotting down notes.


Lockers are a practical option for personal storage in office settings. They provide employees with a secure place to store personal belongings, bags, or outerwear. Lockers come in various sizes and configurations, making it easy to choose a solution that best suits your office's needs and space.

When selecting office storage, consider the specific requirements of your office space, including the volume of items to be stored and the available square footage. Additionally, factor in your office's aesthetics and the overall design theme to ensure that the storage solutions you choose complement the workspace's look and feel.

Office storage solutions are the backbone of an organised and efficient workspace. With a wide range of storage options available, you can customise your storage to match your office's unique requirements. By thoughtfully selecting the type and style of office storage, you can optimise your workspace's functionality while enhancing its cleanliness, order, and visual appeal.

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