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KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA - Media OutReach Newswire - 15 May 2024 - Eq8 Capital Sdn Bhd ("Eq8"), (formerly known as i-VCAP Management Sdn Bhd), Malaysia's leading equity Exchanged Traded Fund ("ETF") manager and a wholly owned subsidiary of Kenanga Investors Berhad, unveils its new corporate identity with greater access to its best performing ETF, Eq8 Dow Jones US Titans 50 ETF ("EQ8US50") through a strategic collaboration with Phillip Capital Management Sdn Bhd ("PhillipCapital"). Synergising PhillipCapital's position as an Authorised Fund Management Institution under the Employee Provident Fund's (EPF) Members Investment Scheme, with Eq8's EQ8US50 which has been outperforming the S&P500 by 45% and delivering over 116% growth over the last five years, investors can now access this investment option via the Phillip PMART ETF Eq8 US Titans 50 Shariah Aggressive Portfolio ("PMART Eq8 ETF"), on EPF's i-Invest portal. With EQ8US50 as its underlying asset, the PMART Eq8 ETF is a shariah compliant managed portfolio that effectively tracks and taps the performance of the top 50 largest companies in the United States such as Tesla, NVIDIA, Apple and Amazon. "Incorporating ETFs into our offerings in 2020 has enhanced portfolio performance and provided new investment opportunities, empowering investors to tailor their strategies effectively. Eq8's evolution signifies our commitment to refreshing our image and promoting financial empowerment and inclusivity. Read as "Equate", we aim to foster equality, simplicity, and transparency in financial markets through our ETFs, providing investors with access to various global markets through a single instrument," says Executive Director and Chief Executive Officer of Kenanga Investors Berhad, Datuk Wira Ismitz Matthew De Alwis. "The timing of this rebranding, coupled with the collaborative venture, underscores Eq8's proactive approach in forging strategic alliances within the financial realm. This collaboration expands upon existing partnerships, wherein our ETF serves as an underlying fund for an insurer's investment-linked product, aiming for broad market exposure. With EQ8US50's passive strategies, investors gain an avenue to navigate market volatility, alleviating the challenges of selecting winning stocks over the medium to long term," says Umar Alhadad, Executive Director of Eq8. This strategic move is expected to contribute to the growth of the ETF market by attracting new investors who are unfamiliar with trading ETFs on the exchange, through the simple and well-guided digital interface of EPF's i-Invest. "We are pleased to collaborate with Eq8, which offers more investment options for our platform users. We anticipate a surge in inflows facilitated by the newly established channel, thanks to the seamless investment experience offered on EPF's i-Invest. Together, we are confident in leveraging our respective strengths and expertise to explore innovative solutions that address the needs of investors," says Group Chairperson of PhillipCapital Malaysia, Datin Hajjah Nona Salleh. With the rebranding, all ETFs under Eq8 has now transitioned to carry the 'Eq8' prefixes, from the previous 'MyETF'. For more information about Eq8, please visit www.eq8.com.myHashtag: #Eq8

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Eq8 Capital Sdn Bhd 20070103439 (792968-D)

Eq8 is a wholly owned subsidiary of Kenanga Investors Berhad and was incorporated on 25 October 2007. Eq8 holds a Capital Markets Services Licence (CMSL) for fund management in relation to portfolio management which was issued by the Securities Commission Malaysia under the Capital Markets and Services Act 2007. Its principal business activity is the provision of Shariah-compliant investment management services. Eq8 Dow Jones US Titans 50 ETF is Asia's first US dollar Shariah ETF that is listed on Bursa Malaysia Securities. Its primary objective is to provide investors with immediate access to the top 50 largest Shariah-compliant companies listed on various United States exchanges. Eq8 manages four equity Exchange Traded Fund ("ETF") that are listed on Bursa Malaysia Securities with an asset under management of RM324 million as at 30 April 2024.

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