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HONG KONG SAR - Media OutReach Newswire - 21 May 2024 - Southco Asia Ltd., a subsidiary of Southco Inc., a leading global provider of engineered access solutions such as locks, latches, captive fasteners, electronic access solutions and hinges/ positioning technology has released the next generation of its trusted ST Torque Hinges, with more than double the cycle life of the previous version. ST Torque Hinges are compact, rugged, and high-torque to allow users to easily position panels and lids regardless of their weight. Their size and torque values fit designs ranging from the smallest webcams and consumer electronics, to portable computer screens, LCD displays, point-of-sale terminals, medical equipment, and larger enclosure panels. The new additions to this series, the ST-7A2 and ST-10A2, provide the same versatility, strength, and ergonomic benefits as their predecessors, with the added benefit of a greatly increased cycle life.
ST-7 ST-7A2 and ST-10A2 Torque Hinges
While torque hinges are an excellent way to improve the user experience for a product, they had an inherent limitation: increased wear on the internal mechanism. Since the mechanism takes part of the load off the user, it naturally wears down over time, losing some of the torque that makes it desirable. On a long enough timeline, and with enough use, a torque hinge can feel similar to a normal hinge when its mechanism's strength is depleted. The ST-7A2 and ST-10A2 solve this problem by upgrading this internal mechanism. This upgrade dramatically increases the cycle life of the hinge, so it can function correctly for a product's entire lifespan. Versatility is another strength of ST Torque Hinges, and the two new additions improve on that as well. New installation options are now available in the form of an increased strength adapter for heavier loads, and a wire offset adapter for increased freedom in the design phase. These additions make it easy to include ST Torque Hinges in a wide variety of designs. Finally, one of the most significant benefits of ST Torque Hinges is the ergonomic improvements they offer. As engineers are designing for the future, they are looking for any way to increase safety and ease of use for their devices. Torque hinges provide smooth movement, and help users position devices exactly where they want them. By eliminating gravity as a factor, users can know the position of every panel and device they move at all times. It also reduces the risk of injury that comes with panels accidentally slamming shut on a user. The ST-7A2 and ST-10A2 enhance the user experience and increase safety for the designs of the future. For more information about the latest Southco's hinge, please visit www.southco.com/ST Hinge or email the 24/7 customer service department at info@southco.com. Hashtag: #southco #hinge #torque #positioncontrol #door #panel

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About Southco

Southco, Inc. is the leading global designer and manufacturer of engineered access solutions. From quality and performance to aesthetics and ergonomics, we understand that first impressions are lasting impressions in product design. For over 70 years, Southco has helped the world's most recognized brands create value for their customers with innovative access solutions designed to enhance the touch points of their products in transportation and industrial applications, medical equipment, data centers and more. With unrivalled engineering resources, innovative products and a dedicated global team, Southco delivers the broadest portfolio of premium access solutions available to equipment designers throughout the world.

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