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Ever since an email was made publicly available in 1996, the art of sending handwritten letters had lost its appeal and importance. These days, communication is much improved, and you can quickly respond to a message within seconds. With the decline in handwritten letters, traditional means of sending mail had also become unpopular, as with postage stamps and letterboxes for your house. 

But this does not mean that the pretty letterbox in front of your home has become completely redundant. 

Why are Letterboxes Still Significant?

Here are some uses for your letterbox that will make you consider that it is worth keeping. 

The letterbox is (still) a great place to store delivered packages and, well, letters

Perhaps you were thinking about throwing out an old or broken letterbox, or you were planning to buy or build a house or rent a flat without one. There is email, after all, and perhaps you've subscribed to all the e-bill services. However, there is always the possibility that mail will physically get delivered to your house, and you won't be around to receive it. People without letterboxes who have to pick up their bills from the doormat, sometimes wet or ruined by rains and enthusiastic pets, will know how much more convenient it is to have one.

There are also cases where people who come to your home when everyone is out would like to leave you a message. If slipped under your door, these can freely get kicked around and lost. But there's a better chance you'll receive it if it's left in your letterbox with Custom Letterbox Faceplates.

The letterbox protects your private information

Some people steal letters, mostly if they're left exposed and unprotected at your front door. There is much to learn from the outer envelope alone, where your full name and address are associated with each other, and this information can be used to validate scams. If a letter or package is inside a letterbox, it is safe until you open it up. 

The letterbox is a useful marker for your address

When you give directions to your house, it is much easier to have a landmark to look out for, such as a peculiar tree, a unique fence, or a letterbox that stands out. As your house number is usually on the letterbox, your visitors can easily find you. 

The letterbox is a must if you plan to vote by mail

In case you are away or sick during election day, you can apply to do a postal vote earlier, and you'll receive your ballot papers by mail. Having a letterbox will ensure that these essential documents won't be lost or misplaced. 

It has aesthetic appeal

If you're buying a new home, don't pass on getting a letterbox. There are many plain yet elegant letterboxes available, but we've seen many creatively designed boxes adding character to the front of residences. Having an aesthetic accent to the faceplate of your home is enough reason to get a letterbox.



Even in the digital age, the letterbox is not yet a thing of the past. It has plenty of uses that make your home and lifestyle safer, more secure, and aesthetically appealing.