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There are many things to be considered when picking a high quality website to play cards on. You don't want the website to be too complicated, yet you want it to look modern. There are many elements that make a good poker site: image isn't everything. Different sites offer different perks. We will be looking at all the different elements of a good casino website below. Below are six signs that a poker website is well-designed.

1. Licensing

This is arguably the most important point in the entire list. If an online casino isn't licensed in each jurisdiction it operates in, then it is operating illegally. This means you have little to no protection from fraud. A casino that is not licensed for gambling will likely steal from their players.

Only use trusted websites that are well-known. All of the big name websites are licensed across multiple jurisdictions.

2. The Software

This is another important part of the online card playing world. If a website's software isn't sufficient that means its randomization will be off. Random is tricky in software. That's why groups like the UK Gambling Commission and eCOGRA keep a check on the algorithms behind the randomization on online casinos. Only play games on websites that have some sort of authoritative check done on its software. You will likely see a badge somewhere around the top or bottom of a website's homepage.

3. Variety of Games

If when you first boot up the software all you see is Texas Hold'em, you might want to delete the app. It is true that Hold'em is the most popular type of game at the moment, but a casino that only offers one game isn't really a casino. Even if the application advertises as pure poker, it should have a variety of better chances of winning French roulette at Slots Heaven. For example, Mansion is one of the largest and well known online casino sites in the world. While they offer poker games, they do offer all types of other poker such as 7 Card Stud, Omaha Hi/Lo, Snap and others. If a casino doesn't have these games too, then it is likely a bad place to play.

4. Sign-Up Bonuses

Nearly every online casino has first-time deposit bonuses or sign-up bonuses. This is when the casino gives you a few chips on the house, usually based on the amount of money you first deposited. If a website offers an incredible sign-up bonus it is a good sign that it is a high-quality casino. Try to find out which online casinos have the best current sign-up bonuses before deciding which one to join.

5. The User Base

This is an obvious one. When you first download the software, check how many tables are active. Hundreds of active tables is a good sign that you are on a high quality website. Before putting money into an online casino, you can usually find out of its legitimate just by checking the population on the software. Download several different applications, and check the population on all the websites.

A website with a low population is automatically a bad sign. You don't know why the website is underpopulated at first. Perhaps they recently scammed their customers. Just because it is underpopulated it doesn't mean the website is fraudulent however. If you see an underpopulated website, this just means you need to conduct more research before adding money to the site.

6. Recognizable Names

With the exception of a few select cases, recognizable names are your best bet for an online casino. Online casinos build a reputation through advertising and word-of-mouth. Check review websites, and see what other people are saying about a particular casino. If a casino has defrauded its customers word will get around. People will share their distaste, and this information is readily available online.


As you can see, there are a variety of different elements to keep in mind when deciding which online casino to play cards on. Some people may wish to play on multiple websites, taking advantage of each sites' sign-up bonus.